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Video wall for real estate 

Video wall for real estate  is the most important large-screen display method in the current display market besides LED and LCD . In addition to being widely used in various video surveillance display occasions, it is also widely used in indoor conferences, product displays, and corporate exhibition halls. This display method is also used in some specific application occasions, such as sales offices, bars, KTVs, etc., especially in some large sales centers, which often have an entire building installed behind the sand table in the lobby. For renderings, some use photo printing directly, while some sales offices use more intelligent display devices. LCD video walls are one of the main applications.

It is also a background video wall. If you use a conventional spray painting picture, the entire picture will be fixed, and the salesperson’s explanation will be relatively rigid, because our customers generally view it from a close distance, so considering the clarity, we also LEDs cannot be used because the cost is too high if LEDs with small spacing are used. Therefore, LCD splicing is the best choice. It can not only achieve any number of splicing, but also achieve high-definition display. Even if we watch it at a close distance, the display effect is the same as when we watch TV. In addition, we can also use the control computer to play the real estate renderings, community model houses, community environment and other content prepared in advance at will to fully demonstrate the advantages of the entire real estate.

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