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Healthcare Digital Signage

Application background:

There is a serious conflict in doctor-patient communication! Communication efficiency between hospital departments is low! Patients have to wait for a long time and feel anxious! Information playback is not easy to centrally control! Poor patient experience! what to do? With the improvement of China’s economic development level, China’s hospital construction has developed rapidly. With the deepening of the new medical reform and the external development of the medical market, The world has set off an upsurge in hospital investment. Hospitals are gradually transforming into digitalization, informatization, and intelligence. Society’s expectations for hospitals There are also new requirements for Healthcare Digital Signage . 

Construction significance:

Using at hospital lobbies, waiting rooms, elevator passages and other areas to install Healthcare digital signage , establish a medical information guidance system platform, conduct multiple network controls, and realize unified management and display of relevant information. Medical institutions can play medicine, registration, hospitalization and other related information. In addition , this LCD advertising machine system solution can also be used to allow doctors and patients to interact, provide map guidance, entertainment information and other content services, which can not only simplify the medical treatment process but also help relieve patients’ anxiety. Moreover, with the help of the digital signage system, the hospital can promptly Publish information and provide corresponding guidance for patients’ medical treatment, effectively preventing disorder. The digital environment platform integrates innovative design to create a comfortable medical environment, simple medical treatment process and complete information services.

Operating place:

Lobby and entrance area, registration office, triage area, corridor, ward, pharmacy, fee office, waiting room, elevator entrance, etc.


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