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Digital Menu Board

What is the role of digital menu Board? Open a new chapter for the restaurant!

The functions of the digital menu Board : 

1. Recommended new product features: Everyone has their own favorite food. In order to provide customers with more diverse choices, all menu board provided by the restaurant will be displayed on the digital menu board. Using a messaging system to showcase the seasonal, daily specials your restaurant offers is a great way to encourage customers to try new items or order additional items to what they’ve already ordered.

2. Digital menu board upgrade: digitize the menu board. People are often drawn to colorful visuals, so digitizing your menu presentation can be very effective in attracting diners. Digital menu board can suggest food and drink combinations, portion sizes, and additional appetizers, desserts and other options. Customers’ choices become easier, while store owners’ income increases, which is obviously a win-win situation.

3. Social interaction: When people eat out, they often like to upload photos of delicious food to social media platforms to share with others. This is a good interactive sharing model and can also play a certain role in promoting the restaurant. What about encouraging customers to dine at a restaurant? If they post their photos to social media platforms and tag the restaurant’s name, the restaurant may be able to provide them with free food or drinks, thereby enhancing the restaurant’s brand image and visibility.

4. Win-win cooperation: We are all doing our best to save costs. In the hospitality industry, the total cost of purchasing everything needed to achieve your goals can get expensive. And this is why we need to cooperate with other brands to share costs. Cost sharing is the best way to ensure your restaurant uses digital signage. For example, restaurants can let other brands place ads on their screens.

5. Innovative publicity methods: Digital menu boards can not only be used to simply display menu items, but can also provide other information. For example, menu-related nutritional information, ingredients, restaurant history, etc. It can also be used to play ads and earn extra profits. Digital menus are not limited to fast food and takeout, but can be set up in different areas of the restaurant.

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