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DOOH, which means Digital Out of Home, is an outdoor digital medium. It is often used to display videos, pictures, and other types of advertising.With the development of the Internet and artificial intelligence, the influence of radio and television is becoming less and less, and fewer and fewer people sit in front of radio and television. This is why DOOH is growing rapidly.In our daily life, people can now see smart displays everywhere. When we are walking on the road, or waiting at the bus stop, we can see various advertising screens in the mall, LCD screens in the elevator, video walls on the walls of buildings, etc., all of which belong to DOOH.Compared to traditional advertising media such as newspapers, radio and television, DOOH offers highly engaging advertising content that captures viewers’ attention and increases advertising revenue. The display solution is the fundamental solution for implementing a dynamic messaging experience in a real-time dynamic messaging and viewing experience.

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