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The working principle of the touch screen  can be mainly divided into the following steps:Touch detection: Touch screens usually contain a touch detection unit (TD), which is located in front of the display and is responsible for detecting the user’s touch position. Touch detection components can be resistive, capacitive, or other types of sensors.Resistive touch screen: This type of touch screen uses pressure sensing for control. Their detection components are usually a resistive film screen fitted with the display surface, consisting of a glass or plastic plate as a base layer, the surface is coated with a transparent oxide metal conductive layer. When the screen is touched, the conductive layer contacts at the touch point, the resistance changes, and the signal is generated, which is then received and analyzed by the touch screen controller, and the coordinates of the touch point are calculated.Capacitive touch screen: This type of touch screen uses the current induction of the human body to work. They usually consist of a four-layer composite glass screen, with the inner surface and the interlayer coated with a special conductive layer (such as indium tin oxide). When the touch is on the metal layer, due to the influence of the human electric field, a coupling capacitor is formed at the touch point, and the finger absorbs a small current. This current is derived by electrodes on the four corners of the touch screen, and the touch bitmap is calculated with precision.Touch information conversion: The role of the touch screen controller (TC) is to receive touch information from the touch point detection device and convert it to the coordinates of the touch point. These coordinates can then be received by the CPU and the corresponding instructions executed.Operating system response: The touch information generated by the touch screen needs to be transmitted to the corresponding program of the operating system for processing, such as opening an application window or performing other operations.The types of touch screen include resistive, capacitive, infrared, surface acoustic wave and many other types, each type has its own unique advantages and application scenarios

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