What is the highlight of the monitor? Does it make a big difference?

Release Time:January 31st 2024

The so-called high-light display is to increase the brightness and contrast of the display to more than 2.5 times that of the ordinary display, which can be comparable to high-definition TV, thus creating a bright image display effect that is not comparable to the ordinary flat color display.The usefulness of highlighting is limited relative to the average userFor example, you can display highlights when watching movies, you can make the picture more gorgeous, you can also set highlights when surfing the Internet or when surfing the Internet, then you can get a more satisfactory effect, because the brightness and contrast have improved, so the picture is fuller is inevitable, but now if you just surf the Internet and watch movies, because the current display is not weak in this regard. Therefore, the effect of highlighting is not obvious. However, for game players and professional art designers, high brightness technology will make the display and transition of color more natural and realistic, at this time, the high light display can obtain the outstanding display effect that the ordinary flat display can not match. Based on this, the role of the highlight display is of course there, but the size of the role depends on your use.By answering the second question, we can say that we have also answered the third question, and the answer is: Of course there is a difference! It’s just that the degree of difference varies depending on what you use it for.

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