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Interactive Whiteboard, also known as interactive whiteboard (Interactive Whiteboard), is an electronic induction whiteboard and its related hardware and application software integration. It combines computer technology, microelectronics technology and electronic communication technology to form a computer input and output device, allowing users to achieve interpersonal multiple interactions on the basis of human-computer interaction. Interactive whiteboard not only retains the traditional whiteboard writing, marking, drawing, erasing and other functions, but also through the connection of computers and other devices, the use of multimedia materials such as audio, video, Flash, PowerPoint courseware and teaching software for more rich and diverse teaching and discussion activities.Interactive whiteboard features include:Size and compatibility: It has the size of a normal blackboard and can work with the support of computer hardware and software.Functional diversity: In addition to the basic whiteboard functionality, it also includes the functionality of a networked multimedia computer and the ability to connect to other devices and libraries.Interactive ability: Support touch screen interaction, detect the position information of handwriting through electronic induction whiteboard, and transmit this information to the computer for processing and display on the whiteboard.Application: Widely used in teaching, seminars and other fields, especially in education and training, help to improve classroom efficiency and student learning effect.In addition, there are Interactive Whiteboard products specifically for online education, such as Tencent Interactive Whiteboard (TIW), which provide multi-person online whiteboard interactive services to meet the needs of real-time collaboration in online education, teleconference, distance teaching, telemedicine and other scenarios. This kind of interactive whiteboard supports multiple people to collaborate online at the same time, and provides a variety of interaction methods such as whiteboard, document, video, audio, etc., aiming to highly restore the offline face-to-face interactive experience, thus significantly improving the quality of teaching and communication

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